Family reunion 2020

The family reunion has been postponed to July 24-25, 2021.

Based on availability, the entire venue has been rescheduled for next year: July 24-25. This will include the preceding activities planned on that Friday (July 23rd). This includes the same accommodations as this year.  We chose the closest available dates to this year. Next year Ekerum was in high demand with weddings and other activities that got pushed from this year, etc.

For those who want to attend next year, we will apply the registration fees already paid; minor adjustments might apply but hopefully pricing will remain the same. Of course, for those who do not plan on attending next year, just contact us and we will refund the registration fee. However, with the kind of year 2020 has been, it would be even more special to meet and carry on the tradition.

Regarding Ekerum, we automatically moved all the existing reservations, paid and unpaid. For those who want to cancel, just contact Ekerum directly.

Thanks for your understanding regarding our decision and we look forward to the family reunion in 2021!